21 Benefits of Vaping!


Congratulations! You have actually effectively quit cigarettes. A reward in itself, however what about the other advantages of chasing clouds? Here’s a round-up of the unanticipated vaping benefits that make this pastime so much more than just a method to stop smoking:

1. USB chargers all over!

fund usb cable television

Sure you’ve spent the last 2 incomes on eight different mods and your roommate is getting aggressive about the fact that the property owner keeps publishing eviction notifications due to the fact that the rent hasn’t been paid, but you understand what? When he has to charge his phone you’ll be the hero once again.

2. Consuming METHOD more water

As much as we delight in vaping, there’s no rejecting that a couple long drags will leave you with a dry mouth. However this simply provides you a reason to keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Something any health specialist will say is a good idea anyways.

3. Bid farewell to burn marks everywhere.

Absolutely nothing ruins a piece of completely excellent piece of fabric like having a crusty black hole punched through it. Get into vaping and the only unfavorable effect you’re shirts will experience is smelling like Hawk Sauce.

4. You don’t require a fog machine.

Aiming to include some environment to your next houseparty? No need to rent an expensive fog maker, simply call your vaper good friends and tell them to come over and begin chuckin’. Keep in mind: relevant video.

5. Electrical knowledge = electrical power!

If you’ve remembered the above image, you know what I’m speaking about. Many in the vaping community have their new hobby to thank for an education in basic electrical knowledge that they would’ve otherwise never ever cared to discover.

6. A brand-new language that only you and fellow vapers understand.

There’s something great about having a language that just you and a couple of others understand about. In these early days of the vaping we get to enjoy this eccentric benefit with everyone else who understands what it means to experience some sub-ohm clouds of two-month steeped Goon Juice on a completely covered Clapton.

7. Your bumming days are over.

I aim to be a generous person, however I have no persistence for individuals who think that the fact that somebody is smoking gives them a pass to pester them for free things. Start vaping and stop worrying about paying attention to a drunk individual’s sales pitch next time you go out for a beverage.

8. Indulge your sweet tooth without the weight-gain.

If you’re trying to enhance your health by not smoking cigarettes, why not aim to cut out sweets too? Get some Cinnamon Roll e-juice and vape away your cravings for sticky-sweet goodness.

9. No fret about crushing something in your pocket

Among the most irritating parts of smoking cigarettes for me (aside from, you know, tasting like an ashtray) was the fact that I had to bring around a delicate paper box full of vulnerable paper sticks. As a self-described clutz, it was a recipe for disaster. Nowadays I bring an Innokin MVP3 that I’m pretty sure could stop a bullet if I required it to.

10. You get to keep cozy.

If your habit forces you to leave the heat of your house in the dead of Winter season, it’s most likely not a habit worth having. Just stating.

11. You get to experience learning a new hobby.

As people we love to find out. There’s something inherently rewarding about getting a brand-new topic and working hard to inform yourself about it. When you start vaping, you expose yourself to a whole brand-new world of skill sets to practice and ideal.

12. The flavor choices, oh, the taste alternatives.

With smoking cigarettes you get 2 alternatives: tobacco and menthol. With vaping, you can have those traditional tastes together with a myriad of fruits, deserts, and drink options. And who doesn’t like more options?

13. Vaping creates a brand new market.

As we’re covered before, the vaping industry helps the economy by developing a brand new group of tasks for people to discover. At a time when much of the world is still struggling to recuperate from the global 2008 recession, it’s nice to know that your pastime assists other individuals discover employment.  Here is a great resource from High Times.

14. It gets you involved in politics and city government.

As crucial as government is to our everyday lives, it’s simple to insulate ourselves from learning about even our city government (let alone national politics). While we wish we didn’t have to educate ourselves about the legal procedure under such attempting situations, the experience we are all gaining of learning ways to battle a grassroots political battle as a young community is vital.

15. Your trash can does not smell like cigarette butts.

Used cigarette butts in green waste bin on white background

In my mind the only thing that equals the terrible smell of cigarettes is the terrible smell of numerous pre-owned cigarettes gathered over time. Add in any kind of wetness? Instant smell-nightmares.

16. You don’t need to devote time to an entire cigarette. Vape and go.

We reside in a world where the typical individual gets antsy if their YouTube video does not load in three seconds. Who has the time to squander minutes of their lives drawing down cigarette smoke? Vaping lets you get exactly what you want, when you want it, fast.

17. The mailman is your adult ice-cream guy.

Shipment guy requesting for a signature

The beauty of living in the 21st century: you can buy a bottle of e-juice from your phone and have it delivered within days right to your door. But vape mail would never ever be possible without your local Mailman. Keep that in mind next February Fourth.

18. You do not need gum any longer!

Every mouth should have to be kissed in some cases. How can the tobacco companies sleep in the evening knowing they mess up millions of kisses every day? Gum is one more expense vaping will spare you!

19. Eliminate mosquitoes with vapor clouds.

This has been reported online, however have never had the ability to try this. Apparently you can rid yourself of swarming mosquitos if you have powerful enough clouds. Somebody, please head out and get this on video!

20. Eliminate nasty smells (pet dog fart screen).

Start vaping and experience the joys of constantly carrying around a good-smell creating maker.

21. Clear your sinuses with menthol vape.

I almost never ever vape mint however I make certain to keep some 0mg menthol around your home in case I get sick. Take a couple rips and say goodbye to the horrors of nasal blockage.

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